CradMPro.    …thinking with your accent.

Our Values

–          We are honest in our dealings

–          We work hard for fair rewards

–          We are fair and thoughtful

–          We give before we get

–          We put people first

–          We are proactive, not reactive

–          We invest daily in knowledge, while striving to learn something new

–          We offer a constructive solution when we complain

–          We are not afraid to make mistakes, we correct and learn from them

–          We take responsibilities for our results and our own future

–          We set clear goals before initiating tasks

–          We choose to over-communicate rather than under-communicate

–          We ask good questions of ourselves and others to get answers

–          We know our future rewards and successes are directly connected to the actions and

commitments we make today

Our Mission

At Crad, we don’t just service the visual media and make beautiful poster designs, anybody can do that.

–          We enhance marketing collaterals using visual solutions and proven patterns.

–          Creativity isn’t always on schedule, we deliver premium every time we get a chance.

–          We help people achieve breakthroughs, communicate better and grow personally and


–          We help people gain creative freedom structured around their specific interests.

–          We are grounded theoretically in the interaction between society and its cultural products with

specific emphasis on visual cultures.

Our Vision

To become a structure for well executed communication intentions in Africa.

 Our D.N.A.

Desire, Aware, Rugged, Creative


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